The S&P Investment Group is a Startup-Business developed by two individuals for the sole purpose of investing in residential and commercial real estate.
Founded in 2016, headquatered in Hamburg, Germany the Group is mainly operating in the greater area of hamburg with the focus on finding and acquiring multi-family homes and commercial builings that proof high potential for value improving practices for short-term and long-term profits.
Trough careful analysis and evaluation of properties, we put together lucrative investment opportunities so that our partners and the S&P Group can generate sustainable and profitable returns.

Our mission is to create solid and successful partnerships to constantly ensure Win-Win Situations and maximize profits on each investment. We believe that only through smart cooperative work a company can truly be successful. Therefore the Group is going to be a strong partner for institutional and private investors.
The Main goal is to constantly extend and managing the S&P Investment Group portfolio, consisting of multi-familiy homes and commercial buildings. The residential division will be the largest Portfolio in northern germany.
Ten years from now the portfolio of the S&P group will consist of 50 buildings in the greater area of hamburg.